Help DVK  

1. Donate time

There is a need for people who can take time to brainstorm ideas, provide input into the process. We need some one to take charge of each of the problem areas and research those within the context of Nalgonda District. We also need them to work with a small group to come up with practical solutions and develop a business plan to improve conditions in various areas.

Example 1: On a single visit to your native place in Nalgonda, you could visit the Mandal HQ and develop a comprehensive list of needs at the village or mandal level which is helpful with respect to drinking water. Determine resources needed to achieve a level of sustenance in drinking water and work toward providing help.

Example 2: Visit any of our work areas each might be at a different stage of development and provide feedback on how the things are materializing at the grassroots level. This feedback will be most helpful for the current as well as future projects. Documentation using vedio or photos is most helpful.

2. Networking with others

There is an insatiable need for energetic people to bring in more of your kind into the stream. People together make a difference. We provide an opportunity using one of groups to find like minded people and exchange ideas with respect to providing employment, education and health for the people of Nalgonda. There is a target for us to get as big as having an active 2000 participants at our website in the near future. Can you imagine 2000 people of Nalgonda origin trying to find ways to improve the district from all corners? We all will be better off with more ideas and thoughts. Make it a goal to introduce atleast five of your friends or others from Nalgonda to the website. That is a big contribution.

3. Adopt a Project in your Native Area

From time to time we research villages, mandals and regions for needs, development proposals within the Nalgonda District. We do add these needs to the project list here. If you find a pet project in the area you are interested in, you are free to find resources to fund it (either you alone or by raising those from others), or find like minded people here at this site to fund the project and monitor progress on your own or with help from us. We are here only to offer guidance and assistance on a voluntary basis. What we think finally counts is the result. Let us do what ever it takes.

4. Adopt a Village

Can you imagine a thousand of us adopting one village or sharing a village to develop and setting goals for that village and monitoring it the whole time? We will not only provide employment by hiring a local graduate from Nalgonda but also improve the situation over a period of time. We have several engineering colleges and degree colleges that produce perennial supply of human resources. The idea is for you to take the village under your wings and give it a shape you want - it costs money, human resources, knowledge base and political linkages. We are here to pave the way for those who do not have enough time to do all of these - and if there is anything and any way we can be of help - we will consider this website a success.

5. Adopt a School

Our public schools lack a number of things - one can blame it on the apathy of Government or lack of accountability or lack of resources; but the truth is we do not even have a clean black board in our schools to write on. We hope to set a goal for every class room to have minimum needs met, and every student to have the basics such as being able to afford a pair of slippers to walk to school - We do not have to tell you about a number of our rural school going children walking to school in a 45 Celsius degree temperature through the dust - and we expect them to be the torchbearers for future? How unreasonable that is!!! One school at a time and especially the way it should count.

6. Adopt a Child

Child labor is the ugliest practice of all time. It is common practice and everyone familiar with Nalgonda knows exactly how many of our children there are subjected to bonded labor in homes, farms, industries and trades. Agricultural labor find it easy to raise money for food, marriages, pay of money lenders and other health needs by bartering a child's labor - it is common to see a child of 7 or 8 being bartered this way. We would like to seek out these children in urban homes, industries, trades and see what we can do. Adopting a child cost less than 10 dollars a month. While we do not lessen the value of 10 dollars, we know it is simply value less for that one child. The one who saves one child's life, saves the world.

7. Provide assistance with monitoring our projects

Please join our team and contribute your ideas and help us specifically with scouting projects, ideas and implementation. We specifically require someone who makes frequent trips to India for family or business reasons to document our projects and search for new ideas.

8. Donate other resources

Always we are looking for donations such as used eyeglasses, picture frames, calculators, computers, supplies, help celebrate events.

Every action will be properly credited to the donor.

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