Who we are?

We TheDeverakonda.org team are the natives of or someone with fond relationship fortune land of Devarakonda. As a vote of thanks we are attempting to pay back the things to the mother land to make it a better place to live with, play, learn and grow for the children of nextgen to evolve as responsible citizens.

A society will be a ‘developed’ one, only if every aspect of it is developed like economical, social, etc.., we are aware that in the process of achieving, everyone should strive to get end result. In this continuous process of getting better, some of our own people might get lagged, lose confidence or might even get deviated from their actual path, due to variety of reasons In such scenario providing monetary help only may not be the best solution, we shall equip them with required information and possible resources such that they would be successful with minimal efforts and those applied efforts will be reusable for others.

Here we thought of a common medium for the discussion and conglomerate our views and a place for information, to get awareness of the recent happenings at the place and ultimately to get to the needy. For this we found portal would be the better idea. ‘Every Mighty River is made of numerous tributaries irrespective of their sizes’; Our humble request for you is irrespective of profession, location you are in join hands to channelized and optimize the efforts we put in to let our own people reap the benefits. Come on
Let's make Devarakonda Shine.

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